Leadership Through Software Development

We’re a software consulting company.

We improve management efficiency through better understanding each other.

According to customers’ needs, Softreck creates a new generation of personalized solutions which help companies from various market sectors successfully deal with their current challenges.


A SaaS service for Software houses for creating any SaaS for their customers.


Our job is to support Your organization to stay the Leader through software development.

Softreck  AI systems help you increase your profit, understand your customers better, increase the conversions, create customized offers and keep your customers coming back. We work closely with each customer in order to assure their business growth using the most advanced technologies.

Softreck helps you get to know your clients better and find a customized approach to each of them.

Do You need high standards for Your Team?

We’re selective about the engagements we take on, because we want client engagements where we legitimately add high-leverage value.

AI technologies for business

Operating the latest ML algorithms let’s us reveal the most important trends, find unique positioning for your business and implement full personalization of your customers’ services.

We create solutions that are perfect for each customer and deliver a quick ROI. Implementing optimal AI mechanisms ensures profit growth as well as helps increase customers’ loyalty, find strong arguments to overcome customers’ hesitation and attract new users.