Creating and Maintain

Technology Creation of complex information systems and integration of AI advanced technologies requires a high level of expertise.

We maintain our expertise in the field of different programming languages, platforms and development tools.

Our solutions include all elements of the IT ecosystem in a wide range of languages, libraries & frameworks including:

Android JAVA, Swift, React Native, Java EE, TomEE, Jersey, React.js, jQuery, .Net Core, Asp.Net Framework, SignalR, Django/Django REST Framework, Yarn, Webpack, Redux, Tizen Web API, AngularJS.

Softreck uses Database Management Systems such MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Our web-components are builded on newest frontend frameworks such React, Vue, Anguilar on HTML5/CSS3.



A cloud based collaboration tool that allows us to reduce email traffic, improve transparency and increase speed of communication between team members and clients.

Sprout Social

A powerful social media management tool that allows us to seamlessly manage multiple social media accounts from one place.

Google Apps

With open interfaces and cutting edge technology, the whole Google Suite allows us to work productively and collaborate with our customers and internal teams.


A CRM and marketing tool that we utilise to help our clients with their automated inbound marketing needs


A CRM platform that makes it easy to manage contacts and deals, and automate processes

Django CMS / Django

A powerful web application framework based on Python, positioned as the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. DjangoCMS builds on top of Django and is a modern, cost-efficient and enterprise-ready CMS.


An extremely versatile Content Management System (CMS) with a good use of bespoke web development we can push to the limits.


A project management and source code management tool, Gitlab helps to keep our teams organised and running efficiently.


Our preferred search analysis tool that enables us to conduct backlink analysis and track improvements for our SEO campaigns