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One Time Service

Are You Looking for Software developer for short Term?We offer support with Bug fixing and looking for the best solution in short Time!Now Fast Injection of Expert is Ready for You within the next 24 hours

Short Term Project

Do You need more IT experts, developers, designers?Time is Money.We will help you with supporting already existing tasks or relieve your team or create for you the right team of experts.

to be … leader

Big and small tech The bigtech is not just a service/software/company/organisation it’s a culture, so it’s difficult to be independent from so many layers.. Many customers and companies are believing in giants, which now are destroying our world over restrictions and monopoly positions, political activity… We believe that the smaller players can leverage growth by […]

Leadership in Software Development

How to successfully lead a Software Development Team? What are doing the Software Development Leaders? Recently, agile methods have drawn increasing attention from IS practitioners and researchers worldwide, as a response to the shortcomings of the traditional methods based on the “waterfall” life cycle model. However, the impact of agile methods on project management is still […]

Softreck company started using Comodo SS...

Certyficate comodo ssl

Comodo SSL By using Comodo SSL you guarantee the highest possible encryption levels for online transactions. Each SSL certificate is signed with NIST recommended 2048 bit signatures and provides up to 256 bit encryption of customer data. A Comodo SSL Certificate is the quickest and most cost effective way for an online business to protect […]