We are happy to work with both small and large companies.

High Quality Code

Coding is our showcase, which is why we recommend, discuss and implement every project to the highest of quality standards.

Dedicated team

You will always know who’s working on your project. Each job is managed by a Senior Account Manager – personally assigned to you – overseeing a team of designers, programmers and analysts dedicated to realising your dream.

Our team is composed of first class specialists, supporting each other in the realization of even the most challenging projects.


What we do is not a secret. You’ll receive regular status updates on project progress, and we’ll provide you with tools offering you project oversight and the means to give ongoing input and guidance.

Every day you can contact us by phone, email or Slack to keep track of work progress or have any questions answered.


Technology Creation of complex information systems and integration of AI advanced technologies requires a high level of expertise.

We maintain our expertise in the field of different programming languages, platforms and development tools.

Our solutions include all elements of the IT ecosystem in a wide range of languages, libraries & frameworks including:

Android JAVA, Swift, React Native, Java EE, TomEE, Jersey, React.js, jQuery, .Net Core, Asp.Net Framework, SignalR, Django/Django REST Framework, Yarn, Webpack, Redux, Tizen Web API, AngularJS.

Softreck uses Database Management Systems such MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Our web-components are builded on newest frontend frameworks such React, Vue, Anguilar on HTML5/CSS3.


We supporting microservice architecture and containers with Jenkins and Docker.

Artificial intelligence

Elements of artificial intelligence, computer vision and Data Science require a special approach and expertise in analytical instruments. Our team works with TensorFlow, TfLearn, Keras, Pytorch, numpy, opencv, sklearn, genism, nltk.

Confidentiality and security

Choosing Softreck you can be sure that all your actual and potential customers’ data will remain safe.

In the ML area we are constantly working with data and we know how to keep it safe.

We guarantee that launching your project with Softreck you can be sure that your data will remain confidential, undisclosed, authentic and private.

All the information used for models’ ML, development and training is kept in protected databases.

Upon request we sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and we take full responsibility for your data security and guarantee data leakage protection.