Big and small tech

The bigtech is not just a service/software/company/organisation it’s a culture, so it’s difficult to be independent from so many layers..

Many customers and companies are believing in giants, which now are destroying our world over restrictions and monopoly positions, political activity…

We believe that the smaller players can leverage growth by specialisation and personalisation based on Artificial Intelligence, to be and stay leader.


  • Is built by humans for humans
  • Is not for profit
  • Is built by individuals and organisations without equity capital
  • Is not sponsored by Big Tech/surveillance capitalists
  • Is private by default
  • Is peer-to-peer
  • Is copyleft
  • Favours small over big, simple over complex, and modular over monolithic
  • Respects human rights, effort, and experience
  • Is human scale

These criteria mean that Small Tech

  • Is owned and controlled by individuals, not corporations or governments
  • Respects, protects, and reinforces the integrity of personhood, human rights, social justice, and democracy in the digital and networked age
  • Encourages hitherto impractical non-hierarchial political organisation and agency at scale
  • Nurtures a healthy commons
  • Is sustainable
  • Will one day be funded from the commons, for the common good
  • Will never make anyone a billion dollars
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