many IT teams cannot work remotely during an pandemic

Some organizations will need to build facilities to enable remote learning from scratch, while others may already have them in place.

Technology Solutions to stay Leadership

The DevOps methodology could address these challenges. It is a popular way of working for many businesses, providing a framework to coordinate your IT teams during periods of disruption. It brings together your development and operations teams.

DevOps Eliminating the barriers caused by:

  • physical location,
  • organizational functionality,
  • business goals;

DevOps helping you accelerate the time-to -market for your software solutions.

The DevOps agile methodology helps businesses cope with changing requirements quickly and easily where continuous integration and delivery (or CI/CD) helps developers maintain and own their software development pipeline.

Developer’s and the Operations

Developers are also responsible for shipping their code to your customers, often relying on automated solutions to further expedite the delivery of their work. This facilitates business continuity, accountability, and works across your organizational teams

Admin’s and the Operations

DevOps on the cloud can help organizations to evolve from a reactive to proactive development approach.

Our DevOps Solution is cloud-native and by adopting it, organizations can achieve delivery through continuous integration (CI), with the required level of scalability and testing to deploy (CD) quality solutions to customers in any circumstances.

Softreck Cloud DevOps Solution provides the following benefits:

Increased Scalability

Coupled with DevOps, the scalability of the cloud provides organizations with a highly cost- effective means to do business where your applications can automatically and elastically scale to meet demand.

Efficient Recovery

Backup restoration is highly automated in the cloud, allowing your developers to integrate their scripts with continuous integration tools to automate backups, restore recent backups and delete old backups.

Eliminate Downtime

Users can eliminate downtime due to the continuous nature of the cloud and DevOps practices. Using an automated development model, developers can create stateless applications to improve your business reliability and customer satisfaction levels.


As more people work from home and self-isolate, unable to travel, and students home school, enterprises and educational institutes need to ensure their internet-based services stay online and are available on a worldwide basis, even in the most demanding of scenarios.

Whatever circumstances you’re operating in, the Softreck Cloud DevOps Solution provides businesses with a way to accelerate their software development and delivery by integrating DevOps with the cloud.

We reach Your Leadership through better technology, quality, scalability, downtime and low operating costs.

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